Reply To: Ugh!


It feels great to play this game again after so many years.

A few hints for new players:

The goal of the game is to transport a certain number of passengers from cave to cave without dying. You can die from a hard impact to a wall, or from lack of energy.

Energy is represented by the yellow “food” bar, in order to get more energy you have to pick up the stone (land on it without a passenger in the copter) and then throw it on the tree.

There are three types of passengers: a man, a woman and an old man. The only difference between the three is how long can they stay in water, an old man will drown immediately, a man can stay in the water for a while and the woman can swim for quite a while. If you land in water anywhere they will swim towards you.

Beware of the bird, it announces itself with a shriek.