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Hello, just found this podcast and I love it already. Seem like I missed some really great games last year..

Just re-downloaded this game to show to my kids. And I remember that even in the days I owned a 386 with a switch for 12 or 33 mhz the game had speed issues in the mountain and jungle levels, when it would sometimes speed up. No bugfixes in those days. I run it at 5000 cycles in dosbox and it operates like it did back then.

I still find the labyrinths the most difficult, though i think the levels are fixed per location like mountains are, so once you have found a safe path, it will always be like that. I just don’t care enough to write them down, plenty of treasure elsewhere.

Hard mode is still pretty hard, although that is mostly due to crashing your plane in impossible to pass levels with Mcscrooge flying past all the hazards. Ever came across some aliens camping a radio mast with a storm cloud above it? Pass that Mcquack.