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Endurance Swimmer

Ok I’ve seen it and I stand corrected! Blistering lap. I can see there are 2 areas you actually go off the track and are not penalised by the game (which is fair game of course if it lets you do it). I’m going to try it tonight and see if I can keep it flat. That’s assuming the version I use will let me (sometimes games from that era do strange things on different computers). Actually I’ve found a perfect line in turn 1 can actually be done whilst keeping it flat and on the track with minimum loss of revs but going into Cassino Square (the second sequence of corners) I’ve always had to drop a gear so I might be able to gain something there. That being said 52.5 seems a long way away. I did a 57.1 last night and took the DOS Game Club track record (sorry Marco but I’ve had my eye on that one for a while)! I did 56 flat twice back in the early 90’s so I’m some way from my best. My current keyboard is also causing some issues as my gear shifts aren’t always registering and I have to do them again. I’ve lost many a good lap recently on account of that.