Reply To: Related Games


I hadn’t heard of Vinyl Goddess From Mars until you mentioned it but I played through it today. It’s more of a traditional platformer with moving platforms, fairly conventional weapons and no more transforming into creatures. Those latter two were some of my favourite parts of the original and made JOTJ a little different to the competition. The main character looks enough like Jill for it still to feel like a thinly disguised sequel.

It’s in 3 episodes again, and takes about the same time to play through so you can polish the whole game off in a couple of hours. The save anywhere aspect was dropped in favour of checkpoints. Every time you die, you go back to the last checkpoint but nothing respawns so it’s easy to get back where you were. If there was a limit to the number of lives I never ran into it. Everything moves smoothly this time around which is an improvement but it’s a very average platformer overall. It was fun enough while it lasts but in 1995 no competition for the likes of Jazz Jackrabbit.