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OK, I stepped in to steer Dossington into the 1910s. The city treasury has a bit less money (sorry!) but the population has nearly doubled!

I ended up re-funding all departments and lowering taxes a bit, especially for commerce and cleaner industries to reduce pollution. I also built a college to improve the sims’ education (and hopefully, in a few years, the kinds of industry we get). The educational quotient rose by a single point to 84. :/

Here are the changes I made:

# 1905
– lowered commercial taxes to stimulate demand;
– instituted parking fines and a pro-reading campaign;
– built a college overlooking Hillview;
– added some commercial zoning;
– increased education & transit authority funding.

# 1906
– Created more residential zones, and a big park;
– increased funding for all sectors to 100%.

# 1907
– Lowered R & I taxes to 9% (C still at 8%).

# 1909
– Adjusted taxes to encourage cleaner industries;
– added some industrial zoning.

# Jan 1910
Population: 9280
Treasury: $758
Estimated monthly income: $442