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Oh no, I made rnlf’s mistake too D: I thought the game started in 1911 so I had to play until 1915, but I started in 1910, so I played for 6 years by accident :'(

I’m sorry!

Here’s a report of what happened:

* In response to the high demand of industrial zoning, a new industrial area will be created across the river. It will be known as: “Riverside Modern Industry”

* The lake in the middle of the new industrial area will be redesigned in order to use the land area more efficiently

* Riverside project phase 1: building a bridge across the river and laying a ring road

* To finance this project, Industry and Commerce taxation will be increased by 1% (to 7% and 8% respectively)

* A small park is built between Stinky Place Industrial and Old Town

* Phase 2 of the Riverside Modern Industry project is initialised: water pipes & electricity lines are put into place

* Because of the lasting demand in Commerce, a 1% Sales Tax is introduced to help finance further development in this type of zoning in the future

* An unfortunate water shortage is reported

* To combat the water shortage, 3 new water pumps have been built. After inspecting the water network, it turned out an area in Hillside was not connected to the water network, a serious oversight of previous administrations. Mayor Tijn has restored the network, which was likely the cause of the shortage.

* Riverside project phase 3: industrial zoning of the new area is underway, despite significant funds having been used for the redundant water pumps instead.

* The Riverside Modern Industrial project is completed

* Additional industry zones are assigned in Hillside

* In response to rising demand in Residential zones, additional space for housing is designated between the Old Town & Hillview area

* The new Residential zone between Old Town & Hillview is finalised

* At the people’s request, a small park is added to the new residential zone as well

* Commercial & Industrial taxation is lowered by 1% to respectively 7% and 6% to allow growth in these areas

* The new Residential zone is slightly expanded. Also a City Hall and Mayor’s House are added to the area

* To keep the crime rate low, a Neighbourhood Watch Program is instated

* A 1% Income Tax is implemented to pay for the additional services the city is providing

End of 1915 status:
Population: 12,220
Treasury: $1,624
Yearly income: $716
Projected income for 1916: $762

Sorry again for governing an extra year!