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Today I bought a car! A cool, blue 1940 Chevrolet 2-dr coupe. And not only that, but I also got me some sweet new parts: a new auto transmission, a 4 brl carb, and some racing slicks. Luckily I was informed that I needed a GM transmission for this car. Otherwise who knows what I’d have bought?

I fit the tyres and boy, is the car is already looking sweet! But when I pop the hood and try to attach the carb, my engine mocks me. Tijn tells me I need a manifold. Sigh. That’s a few hundred dollars wasted already. The same thing happens with the transmission. >__> I guess I’ll just have to pwn my opponents to earn some more money so I can get them parts.

OK, so now I hit the street! I forgot to save, and apparently saving before you leave the house in this game is like remembering to take a coat in the middle of winter.

I find some bloke down the diner with a similar car to mine, and click on his head. I don’t have any money but fortunately there’s an option called “pink slips”! So the race starts and I realise I don’t actually know the controls – or how to drive in general.

Tijn informs me that I need to press up to accelerate, and then press space to put it in drive. I’m not sure if that’s all there is or what, and somehow I still am not moving anywhere. My opponent disappears over the horizon.

Eventually the race ends and I discover I managed to complete three per cent of the track, which I think is pretty good for a first attempt! Then I return to my garage and realise what pink slips means. Not sure I can do much with my remaining $10, but I guess that’s why they invented saves and new games. \_o_/

I hit “Time to quit”. Save game? Forget it.