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OK, nope. Just gave this game another decent shot, and it’s pretty disappointing for 1994. You see the actually quite nice graphics and then expect something good, and it turns out to be worse from a technical and gameplay perspective than Winter Challenge from 2 or 3 years earlier.

The downhill games all use exactly the same controls and physics (winter challenge changes slightly depending on the event), and the engine is really very basic.
No curves or dips or bowls or much in the way topography in the terrain like Winter Challenge has – just like a slightly wavy ribbon you have to ski down.

And then the skier with his tight buttocks are taking up too much of the screen, especially given the low angle, and it was way too hard to see the oncoming flags.

The tournament mode feels undercooked after playing Winter Challenge, the controls in all of the events feel flat and unsatisfying, and the menus are horrible to navigate.

The only good thing about it is the 3D graphics in the luge/bobsled events, but even there it could have been better for 1994.