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Mayor Toasty’s report:

– In response to high demand, residential and industrial taxes are raised. Approval ratings drop, but Mayor Toasty resolves to lower them in the final year of his term, claiming, “None of these morons will even remember by then.”
– Several small parks are placed around the old city to increase land value.
– Not much else happens. Mayor Toasty blames the previous administration’s overspending on health and education, denying any links to the global economic crisis.

– Increased tax revenues are directed towards redeveloping the Windy Tops. Despite the weather, the neighbourhood prospers.
– Mayor Toasty, anticipating trouble with the antiquated power grid, adds a new section to the main hydroelectric dam.

– Flush with money but not much land, Mayor Toasty drains the swamp below the Windy Tops. The Windy Bottom development is born.

– Mayor Toasty attends the opening ceremony for the Windy Bottom park.
– Another section is added to the hydroelectric dam.

– FIRE! A factory in the centre of Stinky Place Industrial park burns to the ground. Mayor Toasty responds swiftly, and the city is saved.
– Mayor Toasty declines to comment on allegations he started the fire in order to improve his reputation.

Mayor Toasty forgets to lower taxes because demand is still high, and gets booted out of office.

Population: 20080
Treasury: $452
Yearly income: $1084
Approval: 50%