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Notable Weapons/items:

Medikit – carry a couple per agent until you have V3 Chest (when health regenerates).

Minigun – most useful weapon in the game. Powerful, fast, loads of ammo. Once you have this weapon, the game really begins! 😉

Gauss Gun – rocket launcher, 3 shots. Note: If changing from Gauss to another weapon with all agents selected, make sure they all have the new selected weapon you want (or individually deselect their Gausses). Otherwise they will keep their Gauss Gun selected and with hilarious/messy results! As it’s so expensive and hard to keep safe, I’ll often only have one Guass-equipped agent selected when firing, or equip only one agent with rocketty goodness in the first place.

Laser: hugely expensive, only 5 shots. Vaporises enemies, and everything they drop. So on one hand, no timed bombs laying around blowing you up! On the other hand, no timed bombs to grab for the 25k! In tough later missions, it might be worth sacrificing this income for safety.

Flamer: short range, but fun if you like hearing the screams of burning enemies. Notable bc in this game, flames travel through walls! A graphical glitch maybe, but it can be a safe way to clear a building from the outside…

Energy Shield – gives invulnerablility, but can’t fire while equipped. Depletes over time but does recharge (slowly), if not empty. Can be alternated with a 2nd shield for constant protection, if timed right. But probably not worth the hassle.

Persuadertron – iconic item. Essential in some missions. Persuade/capture individuals that come within range. Persuading power dependant on Brain version/number persuaded (see manual pic).
Civilians, Guards, Police and Enemy agents all have different difficulties to persuade, defined by how many you have already persuaded. This that means as the group increases in size it gets easier to persuade higher value individuals, like agents.

A novel tactic on some missions is to quickly persuade everyone nearby, until you have a group large enough to persuade enemy agents. Then you can run around the map moping them up without ever firing a shot!
This is useful on missions with large waves of enemy agents.