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Sorry for the delay! I’ve just taken my turn and left Dossington with a bright looking future!

Mayor Tijn is dedicated to making Dossington “a more liveable city”, as was promised during his campaign. In order to realise this, action is immediately undertaken:

* The fire department is reorganised to run more efficiently, saving 50% of its budget for better uses.
* An anti-drug campaign is started to help the kids of Dossington reach their potential.
* Pollution controls are mandated, so the citizens of Dossington can breathe freely.
* Taxes are increased by 1% across the board to fix the city’s empty treasury.

* A police station is built near the bridge between Stinky and Riverside
* A fire station and hospital are built in Windy Bottom
* There is an on-going lack of power in Dossington, but the funds are lacking to fix this issue properly. Because the city generates enough income, a $10,000 bond is issued at 6% to make sure the necessary developments can be implemented for the benefit of all citizens.
* The funds are used to build a significant number of hydro plants, providing cheap, clean and durable energy for the city.
* A grade school is built in Hillview

* A great number of water pumps are built near the Micropolis lake. Both the electrical and water issues of Dossington are hereby sorted for years to come.
* To meet the great demand for housing, additional residential zones are placed in Windy Bottom

* As demand for housing remains high, it’s clear the city needs to expand. Beyond the Windy Tops & Bottom area is suitable area, but it’s hard to reach because of the hills in between. An ambitious project is started to build a tunnel that allows to access the area beyond the hills, to allow future development and expansion of the city.

* A glorious tunnel is built to allow “Grand Valley” to be developed into the expansion the city so desperately need!

Population: 24050
Treasury: $656
Yearly income: $1185
Approval rating: 64%