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Discussed with kdrnic – we only have 1 week to go, to try and advance the sim to 2017. I suggested we increase to 10 year slots, as this will only require 6 more turns.

We were voted in for 10 more glorious years!

1950 – 1954
Now that the power issue is over, the cuts to public services have been reversed, with police, health and education budget being raised to 70% and fire dept budget being raised to 50%

Education and health ordinances are also restored to pre 1945 levels.

We begin construction of a new district in Grand Valley.

1955 – 1959
Nuclear power invented. Dossington declared a nuclear free zone.
A new settlement is established in Redneck County, and a seaport is constructed on the coast near micropolis.

Due to high demand for residental areas, residental tax is raised to 10%

Having $11,467 in the treasury at the end of 1959, the bond is repayed, leaving $1467 for the next governor to play with.

Population: 25710
Treasury: $1467
Yearly Income: $2182
Approval Rating: 64%