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Sorceress led a record 15-year-long office as Dossington’s Mayor, following a change to the Dostitution that granted her both the rights to serve two terms in a row, and switched the term duration to ten years.

In a controversial campaign, prior to which Sorceress tried to change the Dostitution again and run for a third term, Wan W. Wan (son of 20s mayor Wan) won the office for the 60s decade.

After light reforms to the tax law, Wan W. launched various park projects throughout the city, in particular in the polluted and crime-prone Riverside district, which saw a new and expensive police station constructed on the flank of a montain.

The Plagette area, which was left abandoned since Wan W. father’s mandate, was finally completed, with the creation of a much welcome seaport.

Excited by the positive feedback about the port, W. ended his term by announcing the launch of a large airport in the new Redneck County. “We still have to find people to invest in it, but it will be awesome”, promised the Mayor in his final speech.

Population: 23030
Treasury: $7.363
Yearly Income: $1.638
Approval Rating: 62%