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# 1970
In order to save Dossington from the many challenges of the 1970s, Toasty III, of the Toasty mayoral dynasty, stepped in. Promising to bring the city out of the minor recession, and to crack down on “rampant, dangerous time travel”, he was sworn in to rapturous applause.

# 1971 – 1973
– Tax rates are lowered in preparation for a drastic city expansion.
– Mayor Toasty undertakes a huge development in the Grand Valley.

# 1974 – 1976
– Mayor Toasty binges on education, building a new school, college, museum and several libraries.
– Dossington becomes state capital. A giant statue of Toasty III is erected at Dizzying Heights, along with a beautiful residential district.
– With demand secure, tax rates are increased again.

# 1977 – 1979
– To relieve traffic in the Tijny Tunnel and around the Windy Tops, the Windy Relief Road is built. Developments soon spring up in this area too, leading to a bustling new district.

# 1980
Mayor Toasty attempts to hold onto power through a string of scandals, but is forced from office when it emerges he too indulges in frequent time travel.

Population: 40180
Approval rating: 63%
Estimated annual income: $3018