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Before this month, I’d have sworn I’d played the sequel before but I clearly haven’t as the new look was something of a shock. It certainly is a jarring change of style, looking every inch a PS1 game. I don’t hate it but 320×200 looked crisp and detailed in part 1, part 2 is crying out for some more pixels. It reminds me a bit of Skullmonkeys except not as good. The gameplay is much the same at least, the introduction of new characters was unexpected but doesn’t appear to change things up all that much at least so far. My main issue is the increased loading times which are a little grating when retrying a level. Even the screen where your vikings are resurrected takes a while to load.

I had a quick look at the SNES version which probably is the way to go but this is DOS game club after all so I’m sticking with it.