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In the year 1990, Wan W. managed to get elected again, 20 years after his first term. Strangely, the man did not seem to age at all.

He started by fixing terrible water shortages all around the city. “It takes me a whole hour to reach the nearest well”, explained a Schwarzenegger Hill resident with a bucket in each hand. “It means that in two hours… I’ll be back” he said, putting sunglasses on and walking away.

In 1993, Mayor Wan W. shocked the scientific world by announcing a disruptive solar power technology. “I invented it myself, using electronics, and… and pipes, and stuff”, he explained to the hundreds of skeptical experts who attended the inaugural speech. As it turns out, the technology did work, the Mayor was hailed as a hero, and the oil energy crisis expected in 2000 was prevented.

In the following years, taxes were slightly increased, as the city could hardly keep expanding. Efforts were made on security and education.

In 1997, a plane crash in Rednack County killed all 134 passengers in a terrible accident, starting a fire that burned down more than half of the district.

Fortunately the city firefighters handled the situation well, and Wan W. put thousands of sim dollars into rebuilding the place, now called Redneck 97′ as a tribute.

While Wan. W. was the favorite for his re-election, he happened to be declared missing in December 1999 in strange circumstances, never to be seen again.

Population: 58,550
Treasury: $9,727
Income: $4,060
Approval: 68%