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In january 2000, a 2 year old Kdrnic, a descendant of the loved 30s figure, becomes mayor of Dossington, despite protests regarding the minimal age for taking office, or being able to properly communicate for that matter.

-Free clinics are again reinstated, and health department funding bought to 100%. The mayor expresses a support for universal free healthcare, to the chagrim of the pesky liberals who had removed this ordnance.
-Fire department funding is also bought to 100%, to increase fire safety possibly.
-A new area known as the Highlands is created. It is thought with the increased health spending, the residents of this area will live long.
-The Dossington Tank Museum is inaugurated in the Highlands, to display the most interesting tanks of the world wars.
-In August, the military asks to place a base on Dossington. The mayor accepts considering his duty for the country. Unfortunately, they can’t find suitable land for it…
-The Highlands are further developed
-The residential zone of Windy Bottom is expanded
-A solar plant is built at the Highlands, due to increased demand and power transmission issues
-A terrain elevation is lowered near the Redneck 97 airport, and nearby commerce rezoned to light, in an effort to avoid plane crashes at terrain and buildings
-Highlands further developed
-New solar plant built, to accommodate demand
-A plane crash starts a fire near the Henry Kissinger bridge, but firefighters put it down. The bridge is renamed the “Firefighters of Kdrnic bridge”
-Another solar plant installed, due to continuing demand
-Since capacity of existing plants remains at ~100%, 2 more are built identically, next to the most recent one
-The Glorious Persecution against the opium of the people takes place: 5 churches are bulldozed, recalling the revolutionary efforts of the 30s

Population: 65740 sims
Treasury: 10801 simoleons
Income: 4069 simoleons
Approval: 65%