Reply To: 104% completion!


I just checked: each time you take away the pork chop from the dog, you are awarded 8 points. :-O Since my amount of excess points is a multiple of 8, I now can at least hope that I basically got every point in the game 😉 But the same is true for your run as well, TigerQuoll. 🙂

I had a hard time figuring out the right verb to open the trapdoor, so this was the reason why I left the room twice (and picking up the pork chop so I can get back later).

Apart from that, I am not entirely sure that I did something special during my run. Picking up the pumpkin before opening it seems to award 2 extra points for some strange reason (as you already pointed out), but apart from this, I only examined pretty much everything in the game I could identify in the graphics…