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Rightio. I decide to find my missing trigger spell so I can take Tijn’s advice and focus on the wizard’s game.

But! I suddenly realise the Antwerp was guarding a keyhole – and I have an open spell! I run down and cast it, only to be told my magic is not strong enough. I decide to grind it to the necessary level, but there’s a limit, probably based on my magic level.

So I cast some spells. Sleep. Do it again. Boring, and slow.

I explore a bit more, I go to the meeps and cast calm etc. I ask them about magic, what! turns out they have a scroll for me! could it be…? No. It’s just “detect magic”.

I go on a magic detection spree. I detect little, but I do find some magic by the waterfall. I climb up to the door, which I can open with magic, but I get knocked down by the door even when I’m CLEARLY a whole meter away.

In a rare case of inspiration I try to climb up the wall while the door is being opened, but no, it doesn’t work. I try just knocking..and..yes! it works! I talk to the hermit, who… wait for it …. offers me the TRIGGER SPELL! woop! Tijn tells me the other way to get this spell is to just admit you don’t know it when the wizard asks – which is excellent!:)

I quickly run up to the wizard and beat him at his own random game. I get ANOTHER spell, I truly am a wizard now!

I grind a bit more until I can open the Antwerp’s door, and get instakilled. OK. Better train some combat skills. I grind again, this time focussing on the flame dart.

Out of nowhere, I remember the Ogre in front of a cave and decide to go visit him again, and get killed. I try some spells. Turns out calm actually freezes him so I can run past – but I want blood and type furiously “cast flame” until he falls to the floor!

Inside the same trick (calm) can be used again (wtf, atleast put some other trick in between) and then I face a fellow magic-user who kills me a couple of times before I figure out how to beat him. One of the times, I type “drink healing potion” when I’m close to death and the game throws mud in my face by rejecting it with a “you will not need the word ‘drink’ in this game” followed by a headshot from the kobold. FFFFFUUUUU

anyway, he dies eventually, I even steal his shrooms and disarm his shitty treasure. I finish one of he main quests and I AM RICH!:D And a wizard!

I call it a good day’s work – I’m on 296 points out of 500.