Reply To: First impressions


Just finished episode 1!

While I got used to the controls, I still can’t forgive the average and sometimes unclear graphics, nor the punishing level design. I can understand smooth scrolling was new on PCs at the time, but this is still a game made 5 years after the original Super Mario, so I’m surprised with how amateur some aspects of the game felt.

The pogo is what gives the game some kind of charm though, and helped me stay interested to the end. The ending (final level + cutscene) is the highlight of the game to me, and made me want to try the later episodes.

I’ve given a try to episode 2, which already looks a bit better. Now that I’m used to the controls and the way levels are designed, maybe my expectations are more suited to enjoy them.

Now Derphilip suggested we try the “Goodbye, Galaxy” game, which is apparently the best in the series. The art already seems way better despite the game being released only a year after, so I might quickly switch to that one.