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Oh I haven’t found the 666 ending yet, ok!

Things I think should be able to be explore but I haven’t found a way to yet;

– Scholars Chest with Magic Lock
– Scholars.. Portal? The Grey circle next to the chest
– Graveyard.. the centre Gravestone has the circular hole at the top?
– The Red Wall, in the books in the Study it references soaking a surface in red fluid, which we’ve then done but no portal, or I’ve not found a away to activate a portal
– Hermit’s Golden Box in the shop?
– Red Blood Reeds
– Flesh Wall, any further interaction?

Oh and the Locket? Did I miss something, its in the synopsis for the game yet I’ve found no way to use it aside from talking with the scholar about it.

Maybe I’ve just missed a step with any of those above, but I feel like most of those should be actionable.