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I messaged Lobdegg on mastodon and got some answers ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€“ Scholars Chest with Magic Lock
โ€“ Scholars.. Portal? The Grey circle next to the chest
“The chest and the stone platform in the lab are currently just decorations. At this rate we’ll need another content patch! XD”

โ€“ Graveyard.. the centre Gravestone has the circular hole at the top?
“The hole in the gravestone was @ClarusPlusPlus being very artistic and so many folx get focused on it! XD I may have to add something just to satisfy player curiosity. ^.^”

โ€“ The Red Wall, in the books in the Study it references soaking a surface in red fluid, which weโ€™ve then done but no portal, or Iโ€™ve not found a away to activate a portal
“The Red Wall has a bug and it requires a very specific command. The patch has fixed the bug giving it a lot more flexibility.”

โ€“ Hermitโ€™s Golden Box in the shop?
“The Hermit’s Golden Box is a reference joke.” No interaction beyond what the hermit says.

โ€“ Red Blood Reeds
“The Blood Reeds are a red herring”

โ€“ Flesh Wall, any further interaction?

– The Locket
“the Locket has sadly very little in the current build. There’s a lot around it coming in the patch currently in development.”

So it sounds like the next patch/expansion will add a few more features but it also seems like at this stage this is the complete game, while some additional middle-section things will get updates it’s not getting any new ‘chapters’ as such.

Still is a great game for its limitations ๐Ÿ™‚