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I have two versions – 1.2 and 1.3 (GOG). I’m gonna have to remember to try this Orbitus thingy.

OK, according to the table on the page linked to in the version differences thread, my 1.2 is the ‘good’ one and my 1.3 GOG is patched. If you download the game from nown you will get the patched version too -I confirmed it by comparing the file data.

Anyhow, this part is tricky but totally doable in patched 1.3. Might take a few attempts to figure out the timing. You should start holding the right direction key as you approach the bottom passage, and not let go of it until you are through. The bouncy floors will throw you upwards, but as long as you hould the button down, you should make it into the next gap.

In good 1.2 it is pretty much the same, except possibly a tad easier since there are invisible ‘cracks’ in the bouncy floors that Jazz just falls through.

I will try to record a video at some point, although I am sure many versions are already up on Youtube.