Reply To: Magazine Reviews


I played Last Crusade as part of the Retro Asylum game club last December (they’ve done a podcast on their thoughts since for anyone interested). It wasn’t massively popular – I was the one standing up for it in the group. It’s a huge step up from Zak McKracken which added scale to Maniac Mansion at the expense of enjoyment. The design is quite clever with lots of optional puzzles, multiple solutions, routes and endings. It’s not as approachable as everything after Monkey Island with lots of saving/reloading required but if you treat it as a big puzzle (like any true adventure gamer), it doesn’t hold up all that badly. I see it as the halfway house between McKracken and Monkey Island. Fate of Atlantis is much better.

On a tangent, Fate Of Atlantis was adapted into a series of 3 comics by Dark Horse. I’m struggling to find decent links for them. The first is at anyway. Dark Horse also did a couple of other Indy comic series based on the plots for some of the games that ultimately never got made.