Reply To: Final Thoughts


April was a rough month for me, but I managed to get most of the way to the end on the wits path. My game seems to have a bug where it freezes in combat though which is preventing me from finishing. I may need to try and load it in scummVM on a modern PC and try from there but just haven’t got around to it.

Overall I liked the variety and the different paths available. The production quality was great (as you’d expect) and the storyline was engaging enough. The puzzles were challenging in parts but not to the point where they felt punishing. Gameplay wise, it’s your standard Luca darts game there.

I did find the Atlantis segment quite a tough slog. Lots of back tracking and probably where I resorted to the hint book the most… but all in all very glad to have played this classic and hopefully I can get around to actually finishing it soon.