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Just been having my first goes on this and you aren’t kidding. You don’t need to win every race thankfully. I still won the bronze levels season on the first attempt. Came unstuck on a watery level on the gold though.

Fairly sure I got a big boxed version of this back at the time from the high street which I didn’t keep as I didn’t like the game all that much.

Playing it now, this barely qualifies as racing in my eyes. There doesn’t feel to be any actual physics going on. I mean the handbrake literally just spins you 90 degrees. It’s a bit of throwaway fun but I can’t see me spending much more than an hour on it over the month. I think the only reason I played it back then was because I was hearing about Mario Kart all the time and felt compelled to try to like the PC equivalent. It’s still fun to go back again 20 years later but this isn’t much of a game if you ask me.