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    Albion is a 1995 RPG by Blue Byte with hybrid 2D map and 3D dungeons. It is very text heavy with an amazing story, great atmosphere and quite difficult combats.

    For me Albion is definitely the best and most beautiful DOS game I have played.

    Moby Games link:


    This art work is very beautiful, and quite reminiscent of the time. It seems to have an interesting mix of sci-fi and fantasy too—here’s the story intro:

    “In the year 2227, the gigantic, interstellar factory ship “Toronto” reaches a distant solar system. The ship’s owners, the enormous DDT company, believe that there are rich deposits of raw materials on this third planet of the system; but the data which describes the planet as a desert, turns out to be forged. Albion is in fact a world full of life, secrets, surprises and magic. When Tom Driscoll, the pilot of the reconnaissance team discovers this, he swears to save Albion from “Toronto’s” tentacles.”

    Count me in! 😀


    As I remember the story was the classic “big evil corp against noble natives”, but the world and characters were well crafted and the 2D/3D combination was very exceptional.

    It was a great RPG. “great” as in good, and “great” as in quite long. This is a game you dive into.

    And yes, the graphics are lovely, the 2D art is especially beautiful to this day.



    This is my favorite game ever, period. Music, art, story, immersion, mix of sci-fi and fantasy… I come back to this beauty each year.

    This is one of those childhood experiences that made me become a professional video game narrative designer. Absolute personal top 3, together with “Master of Orion 2” and “System Shock 2”.

    And since it is pretty long, you really don’t have to play the whole thing to see the beauty – 1/3 or 1/4th part would be enough, just the first island. Though I doubt anyone would want to stop playing this gem anyway. 🙂


    Okay, after some lengthy discussions about how long the game is, we decided to play this in December and move all the other games we had planned one month back so we can make use of the sweet sweet holiday season where more people will have time to actually play the game.

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