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  • tamsin.lm

    Alien Legacy is a strange pseudo RTS but completely unlike any RTS I’ve ever seen. Technically it’s turn based but the turns click over automatically and the game has a speed control that sets how quickly the auto-turn cycles from 1 to 9.

    The background is that you play as the commander of a human colony ship that has been sent to the Beta Caeli system to try to build a new home to the human race who was on the brink of annihilation at hands of an alien race called the Centaurians. Decades after your ship, the Calypso, left Earth a newer faster ship, the Tantalus, was sent to the same system. Owing to their better engines getting them to Beta Caeli sooner, you receive orders while en route to rendezvous with the Tanatalus’ crew and act as subordinates to their colonization efforts which will have been in progress long before you reach Beta Caeli. Unfortunately when you arrive there’s no sign of the Tantalus.

    The game play is managing resources among the colonies you set up, exploring the system searching for clues about the Tantalus’ where abouts, and dealing with a wide variety of threats that can impede your progress or even endanger your settlements either with researching new technology or brute force with fighter crafts. There’s no real combat system though, instead you send ships out on combat missions and then they roll dice in the background to see how well they do at their mission.

    It’s a race against time and unknown dangers to establish humanity’s future! And should you fail, your crew may be forced to deal with you and install a better commander for the sake of humanity.


    I forgot to add that the floppy disk edition is listed on several abandonware sites, but sadly I’ve not seen it available on any modern platform for purchase. Physical copies seem to be relatively common, at least in the US. Physical copies can be found on ebay and such for anywhere from a few bucks to $20 to $30.

    There’s a floppy disk version and 2 different talky CD editions. I don’t think there’s any visible difference between the two CD editions beyond packaging. The talky editions also have different music in comparison to the floppy disk version, which has way better music imo.


    Sounds intriguing. We haven’t had an RTS in a while. This could be an option.


    I remember this one. The premise is quite intriguing: you manage a big colony ship arriving to another solar system. A sister mission is supposed to be already colonizing the system, but something happened and their mission failed. Also, the Earth was in conflict with an Allen race and kind of lost, so, you are alone providing a new home for humanity and also discovering what happened to the other mission.


    This game had a realistic feeling to it, probably thanks to the backstory and the simulation of the entire solar system. The distances were real and you felt like you were a pioneer breaking new ground.

    The ship orders and pipelining system was also quite novel, useful for automating resource transfers.

    And the manual planet exploration satisfied the innate drive to gather resources yourself, it was quite enjoyable.

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