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  • Tijn

    I just managed to beat the Human campaign! Hurray!

    The last level was quite challenging, especially the first few bits where you don’t have a base yet and are constantly bombarded by dragons.

    Overall, I felt the campaign was quite easy though. So in a way, the last level’s difficulty was actually quite welcome.

    Is the Orc campaign more difficult, or similar to the Human one? Has anyone played the expansion? How does that compare to the base game?



    Yeah, I beat the Human campaign yesterday too, in a epic race with Tijn! 🙂

    The difficulty through all of the campaign was quite low, with only few hiccups that I experienced during it (like in mission 10, where at one moment I ended up with just 2 peasants with red health, no money and no save). Last 2 missions had been finally at least moderately challenging, which was refreshing.

    This game is definitely staying on my hard drive, I’m planing to return to it, since I never actually played the expansion (and before I started playing the game for this month I found out, that I have it in my collection) and because an about middle of game I somehow accepted various limitations, that makes me infuriating at the beginning (like requirement of farms and especially unit selection limit). I just can’t play any C&C in the mean time, because otherwise I would probably rage quit Warcraft in a big way 😀


    From what I recall, the Orc Campaign is similar in difficulty to the Human Campaign, and the expansion campaigns for both are a bit harder, and for sure, more interesting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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