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  • Tijn

    Ok, let’s face it, this game is impossible, haha.

    It’s odd though, because I played this game back when it originally came out, but I don’t remember it being overly difficult. And then I remembered… I probably played using cheat codes. I think I played a lot of games with cheats back then. It’s kind of lame, but it’s what kids do, I suppose.

    Anyway, cheat codes definitely make this game a lot more manageable 😀 So here we go:

    First you have to press T to enable the cursor. Then you can enter the following codes:

    clarice – 100% body armor, 100% fire armor, 100% spirit armor
    griswold – 200% Armor
    spork – 200% Health
    cousteau – 200% Health and Diving Suit
    krueger – 200% Health and Fire
    montana – All Items
    keymaster – All Keys
    idaho – All Weapons
    lara croft – All Weapons + Infinite Ammo
    hongkong – All weapons and full ammo
    mcgee – Burn Yourself
    eva galli – Clipping
    spielberg – Disable All Cheats
    capinmyass – Disable God Mode
    rate – Display Frame Rate
    edmark – Displays the message “AHH… THOSE WERE THE DAYS”
    tequila – Double Weapons
    bunz – Double Weapons + Full Ammo
    jojo – Drunk Mode
    fork broussard – Drunk Mode + No Weapons
    no cap in my ass – Enable God Mode
    satchel – Full Inventory
    I wanna be like Kevin – God Mode
    kevorkian – Instant Death
    onering – Invisibility
    funkyshoes – Jump Higher
    goonies – Show Full Map
    calgon – Skip Current Level
    sterno – Temporary Blindness
    voorhees – Temporary invulnerability
    mpkfa – toggle god mode on/off

    I haven’t tried all of these, so let me know if some work or don’t. Also, if you know about more cheats or other cool stuff, post away!


    I was 7 when I started playing Blood, so as you might expect, I died a lot. These cheats were really helpful to help me get through the stages and check the whole story.

    I used it so much at that time that I never forgot many of these cheats like lara croft, mpkfa, keymaster and EVA GALLI (reference to a great but underrated horror movie starring Fred Astaire btw).

    Besides CALGON, the codes LUIGI and/or MARIO also work in order to skip levels.

    This was my first FPS shooter ever and still is my favorite to this day.


    Damn, age 7 seems a bit young for this game haha


    haha it was certainly not proper for my age, but my brother (11 years older than me) is a big fan of horror movies and introduced me to this world very early

    btw, Death Wish is a very good mod for Blood and definitely worth checking out. Currently there are three episodes available and the fourth is in development.

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