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  • Katsumoto

    Hey hey. This has got to be my favourite of the original group of Doom-Clones, until Duke Nukem 3D came out a year or two later. It features all sorts of crazy shenanigans that Doom didn’t have, such as the ability to jump (!) and look up and down (!).

    In my view, it does a really good job of recreating the Star Wars atmosphere. Once CD music became a thing most Star Wars games achieved this fairly easily by pumping the music from the films at you, but here they had to rely on MIDI and did a really good job of putting together an original soundtrack for the game.

    As for the story, this of course is the introduction of the now-famous Kyle Katarn, and the game starts out with you stealing the Death Star plans. Talk about iconic! I still favour this over the recent retelling of that story in Rogue One :).

    Plus, there haven’t been thaaat many FPS games featured yet (okay so, episode 1 was Doom, and you’ve done Blood, DN3D, ROTT… but plenty of room for more!).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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