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  • Westygw

    Well.. I never tried Wasteland and have been looking forward to playing it for the first time.
    Here’s where I’m at:

    I attempted to make a custom character and accidentally deleted two of the pre-existing ones, not realizing it was a party.
    Off into the wastes!
    I explore some nearby mountains and get attacked by mutants.
    I kill them.
    I get attacked by some mutants.
    I run. They kill me.

    I’ll be needing to do some reading on how to get not-dead.


    First play here as well. I downloaded it from GOG in preparation for participating this month and started briefly for now to take a look. The GOG version is a bit confusing with a startup screen that lets you turn on background music, smoothing and high resolution portraits. It also has an annoying feature that doesn’t let you ALT-TAB out of the application so you are kind of stuck to the window until you exit, which it took me a while to find out how to do (save your game, get asked if you want to exit).

    Now that I have purchased it, I might figure out a way to run it in a more standard DOSBox environment. Looking forward to giving the manual a once through and sitting down once I have a bit more time on the weekend.

    I killed my first character by marching forward into a radioactive desert, ignoring warnings that I was getting very hot. I guess that didn’t come as a surprise.


    I’m playing it on my 486 so alt-tabbing hasn’t been a problem. Not having background music does wear on me, however. There also aren’t any graphical improvements.
    I alleviated this by idling a YouTube video called “3 hours of Post Apocalyptic Music”. Seems to be doing the job.

    Currently I made it through the Agricultural Center and fought Bunny-Master Harry and grinded through some sort of Opossum Cave.
    Healing is sort of a pain.. but I’m learning and made it back to town to save!


    Incidentally, if you want some more music to go with it, the fan soundtrack included with the GOG release is available here:


    Hey thanks for that! I’ll give it a shot when I play after work, today!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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