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  • DJ_HiP

    Firstly, wow this web css blows my mind and is a massive hit to nostalgia all by itself, nice work guys.

    Having had a father work in Electrical Engieering and then IT I’ve had access to all kinds of vintage hardware since the late 80’s, using XT’s, 286’s, 386’s & 486’s to build and rebuild DOS and Win98 over and over to play all the old games.

    I’m a huge fan of Apogee published games and really admire the ID produced games, I’ve played some of a lot of games. (Have you read Masters of Doom yet?!)

    Now a bit of a vintage hardware collector, having 486 laptops, 3dFX Dos Gaming tower and a number of old laptops running Dosbox to enable a more portable experience I’m enjoying the old titles again.

    Really enjoying the Podcast and hope to be a part of this amazing community into the future.

    I’m an IRC fanatic so you can catch me on the #dosgameclub channel 24/7, just the timezone may not align all the time..

    and.. 5 points to anyone who knows what my Avatar is!


    Hey there, fellow Aussie! Which corner of Oz do you hail from?

    That avatar is definitely tickling some dusty old neurons, but I’ll be stuffed if I can remember…
    It’s not a “bug” from the Usborne series of books, is it?


    There’s Dozens of us! Dozens!

    From SA 🙂

    It’s not from the Usborne series no. The reference is from something starting with U though, this instance is from a game easter egg however.


    Hey, mate! Your avatar reminds me of Fury of the Furries, but I’m pretty sure it’s not from there. Nice to have you racing at the Stunts community! And I do have a few old computers, including a 486 and a Pentium (200MHz MMX). Unfortunately, I no longer have my first PC, a 386. I used to know all the details of each microprocessor, what was improved from the XT to the 286, to the 386, 486 and Pentium… but after that, it wasn’t the same and nowadays, I just buy whatever works… as long as it can run DOSBox 😛


    Heya Cas!

    Fury of the Furries was another great game! Always found it hard to control the strange physics when jupming around though.

    Alas, it’s not from that game either 😉

    I also never kept all my old machines, but I never would have had room the store them anyway. Sometimes the memory is better than the reality with those random pc’s!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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