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  • pana79

    Hi everyone

    My name is Pete and from Melbourne, Australia.

    Found the podcast while browsing what to listen to next – and when I saw the “Street Rod” episode it immediately caught my eye. Currently setting up my playlist for many episodes for many games I used to play back in the late 80’s early 90’s.

    I was another child who never had a console – but I was lucky enough (and one of the few friends in school) who Dad was tech-savvy enough to buy a IBM Compatible 386SX – with 1MB of RAM and a 20MB HDD (WOW!!!!) and on that – I played many a game of Street Rod, Street Rod II, Commander Keen, F19-Stealth fighter, Indy 500, Test Drive I, II, III (that Chevrolet CERV III Concept was a tricky b*stard) and many other driving and sim games (I real time Flew MS Flight Simulator 3 from Athens to Melbourne overnight and most of next day with unlimited fuel in a Learjet.)

    Also lucky enough to have a 14.4 modem so would log into various BBS’ that were around Melbourne. Once spent too much time on a BBS in Sydney – needless to say – Dad wasn’t too happy when the phone bill came and there was a call for over an hour to an interstate number – and back in the day – even interstate calling was expensive in Australia (what happens when you have a Government owned monopolistic Phone company – Telecom/Telstra)

    Didn’t get much into the fighting games (that was what the arcade was for) – but recently saw a youtube video of The Secret of Monkey Island” and how awesome the iMuse music system was and how much more epic is sounded with a Rolant MT-32 vs a PC speaker (which is what I initially had – upgrading to an Adlib 16 Soundblaster when Dad got a Pentium 100MHz (complete with floating point processor error) after something blew up our 386.

    Anyway looking forward to joining in on the discussion on what was an epic era of PC gaming and catching up on all the episodes so far (currently listening to Commander Keen ep)



    Heye Pete, nice to meet you!
    I live in Tassie now, but I lived in Geelong for most of my life. Not too far from your neck of the woods.
    I wish I had’ve had a modem back in the BBS days. It’s an element of vintage computing that passed me by.
    Look forward to seeing you around!


    Hi pana79 and welcome!
    Glad to hear you’re liking the podcast and that you enjoyed the Street Rod episode (one of the few I’ve actually participated in!).
    I also grew up with games like Indy 500 and F-19 (well, technically F-117 ;)).
    Enjoy listening through the previous podcasts, and hey maybe try some for games you’ve never heard of. I’d not heard of Street Rod, but now I love it! 😀

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