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  • superjamie

    Hi there. I’m Jamie from Australia.

    I only recently discovered the podcast and absolutely love it. I’m still going through the back catalog of episodes. Some games I know quite a bit about, some games I knew but enjoyed the depth you went to (like Grand Prix Circuit!) and some I’m just aware of but have never played.

    DOS games have always been a regular activity of mine since the 80s when DOS was current. I never really stopped playing them or thinking/reading about them. They’ve always been at the front of my mind.

    If anyone is on Instagram, I try to post one game a day, usually something I’ve played or at least know about. I sometimes post about consoles but it’s mostly DOS stuff. The account is called: msdosfloppy.

    I see there’s an upcoming episode on Hugo’s House. I am probably in the minority of people who like that game 😛 If it’s welcome, I could post the How To Play thread? There’s a few puzzles people usually get stuck on which I could help without spoiling.

    Looking forward to playing games with you all!


    Hey Jamie! Good to see another Aussie 🙂
    Which corner do you hail from?
    I have a soft spot for HHH too, especially #2 Whodunnit


    Heya. I’m in Brisbane, though I grew up around Byron Bay, plus lived in Perth for a bit, and I go down to Tassie a bit too.

    My favourite Hugo canon is definitely the huge pixel-art David P Gray on the registration screen of Nitemare 3D lol


    Welcome! I’m in Ipswich QLD, we’re practically neighbours. If we can just get a few more aussies (kiwis also acceptable) we can stage a coup


    There are dozens of us! (Adelaide here).

    We’ll start our own timezone appripriate DGC Podcast with Cardmania (blackjack) and Duke3d (…dancers)!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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