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  • rnlf

    Hi everybody,
    for Halloween we’re looking for a DOS Horror Game. What are your favorites?

    Suggest everything you like, though we probably won’t be able to pick a Point&Click or Parser Adventure – we’re playing Quest for Glory at the moment and October would be a bit early to get into the next adventure game.

    But suggest them anyway, for next year :-p

    Admin Edit: We played Nightmare 3D in October 2017! Go discuss it in its dedicated forum!


    First to suggest Alone in the Dark 😀

    I actually never played it but I’m curious to discover this ancestor of the Resident Evil series and the likes.

    Bonus challenge: have a part of the podcast dedicated to comparing it to the 2005 Uwe Boll movie 🙂



    There’s an interesting post here, but most of these are point-and-click adventures, so probably a bit soon after QfG.

    I’m keen to play Alone in the Dark so would be very happy with that choice! I’ll also briefly re-suggest Nightmare 3D and Blood (both FPS) here 🙂

    Amayirot Akago

    Some good suggestions already but I’mma give out a few more:

    WaxWorks – Decent RPG/adventure game with a shitton of gore. Probably might’ve seen a montage of all the game’s death scenes on Youtube at some point 😉

    The Darkest Night – Shareware DOS adventure game where you play as a fox trying to make it through a dark forest. Lotta jumpscare-y type deaths.

    The Dark Convergence – Pair of adventure games by the same developer as the above. Never played em but I understand they have a few creepy bits to em.

    The Last Half Of Darkness – Series of adventure games set in spooky locations where all sorts of creepy critters want you dead. Not too great on the puzzles or graphics but has a weird charm and atmosphere to it.

    Hugo’s House Of Horrors – I reckon everyone’s heard of this one 😛 It’s not great but it has the appropriately Halloween-y theme to it.

    Realms Of The Haunting – Weird first person shooter/adventure mashup with FMV cutscenes by Gremlin, the creators of Normality. It’s… very obtuse, but interesting.

    Phantasmagoria/Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle Of Flesh – The infamous Sierra FMV games. Nuff said.

    Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers/The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery – The superior Sierra supernatural adventure games and one of the greatest FMV games ever made.

    Think that about covers it 🙂 Also I’m new here so hi everyone!


    Welcome to the community Amayirot!

    The Phantasmagoria games and also WaxWorks look super gorey and disturbing, in a way that modern horror games don’t. It might be an interesting topic to discuss


    There are loads of great suggestions here. Not enough people have played Realms Of The Haunting so that would be my personal choice from everything mentioned so far. It’s one of the handful of decent FMV games and more than a little weird but in a good way.

    If you want something obscure, The Legacy was an atmospheric Lovecraft inspired first person dungeon crawler and the last game ever put out by Magnetic Scrolls. I really enjoyed it but it seems to be forgotten these days.

    Veil of Darkness was a decent SSI RPG featuring vampires that I vaguely recall playing many years back.

    Finally, the Call of Cthulu series (Shadow of the Comet + Prisoner of Ice) is well worth a look as far as point and clicks go.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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