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  • rnlf

    There were a few things we had to figure out before playing over network actually worked.

    Obviously there’s always the option to play on an actual LAN, but DOSBox’ builtin IPX tunneling works fine, too.

    The first two steps (1, 2a/2b) are only required on DOSBox. If you’re on a real LAN, you’re on your own on this part.

    1. Enable IPX in DOSBox
    In your dosbox.conf, find the section [ipx] and set the configuration value ipx = true.

    2a. Host a Game
    Start DOSBox and create an IPX tunneling server by entering “ipxnet server “.

    You will have to tell the port number to everybody you want to play with, along with your public IPv4 address. You may have to enable port forwarding for that port on your Internet Router as well.

    2b. Join a Game
    Start DOSBox and connect to the IPX tunneling server created by someone else in 2a. This person should also have given you their IPv4 and the port number. Enter “ipxnet connect “.

    3. Tell Worms to use the network
    Enter “SET NETINFO=1” into your DOSBox command prompt.

    4. Start Worms
    Change to your installation directory and run BIN\WRMS.

    5. Wait for other players to join
    You only have one minute for this, after that time, Worms will start automatically with all other players who are currently connected.

    6. Configure the game
    All players share the mouse and keyboard at this stage. This may lead to confusion, but you’ll manage.

    Configure whatever you think you want to change, it’s recommended to disable the cinamatics, otherwise everybody in the game will have to skip them (or wait for the one person who hasn’t skipped).

    7. Start a game
    Here’s the most obscure and important step: When you pick the teams, it’s tempting for one player to pick all the teams that will join. That’s totally wrong though!

    Whoever clicks the team name to enter it into the game will have exclusive control over this team. So players must take turns picking their teams.

    8. Have fun
    From this point on, it doesn’t differ very much from normal hot seat play. Only one player has mouse and keyboard control at any time.

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