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  • killershrew

    I am killershrew, 46, from Sweden. I found your podcast through Robin posting about the shadow episode on his discord. I played that and many other dos games in my youth and have listened through some episodes and I really like the indepth format. I played many of the games you have covered on c64, Amiga or DOS and oftentimes on more than one system. I have played pirates on all three. My speciality and my games collection is almost entirely football (soccer) games for the three aforementioned systems so if you ever decide to play a soccer game I may be able to aid the research. I have made some videos on YouTube about the history of football gaming.


    Welcome! That’s awesome to hear, we’ve never done a football game, but I think we should. I know there are several available for DOS, including the original FIFA.

    If you could share your video, I’m sure people here would love to see it!


    Yes, the first FIFA ran on dos. I have it boxed, but for Amiga. Also the first three inhouse developed versions of Premier Manager run in dos (my video on that series:

    Even the first fully 3D soccer game for PC, Actua Soccer, ran in dos although the sequels are in windows. (My vid on those )

    There are alot of footy games that ran in dos, also many of the German soccer games like anstoss ran in dos (I think, I played it on Amiga)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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