Jill versus Duke

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  • Baron Blubba

    Here’s a little story about my childhood experience with Jill of the Jungle. My brother and I had a sort of rivalry going. Although we each played games from both companies, he was a bigger Epic Megagames fan, and I was a bigger Apogee fan. Of course, these were the two shareware giants at the time. The main subject of the rivalry, at least in the early days, was Jill of the Jungle vs. Duke Nukem –the very first Duke Nukem.
    Although I enjoyed both, personally I think Duke was a much better game that still holds up pretty well today. Jill of the Jungle is playable, but you really have to make allowances for this being a very early PC platformer in the post-Commander Keen world. Scrolling was choppy, the animations were even choppier, and the physics seem undefined compared to the better similar games of the era.
    But Jill had one of the best tables in Epic Pinball, so even though she may have lost the sidescrolling battle, she still wins the war.

    Did anyone else experience a similar inter-shareware company rivalry between yourself and siblings or friends? It was kind of like the console wars for those of us who didn’t have consoles.

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