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  • Pix

    4 reviews for this month. The whole series was a definite favourite for me back at the time but I will say the first game was so ludicrously obtuse at times that I’ve no confidence about getting through without a walkthough even having played it a bunch of times before. One word of warning for anyone playing this – there was a bug in the DOS version that made it quite tricky to finish the game and it doesn’t show up until fairly near the end. The game wouldn’t let you walk across a screen to pick a needed item up if I remember right. I’m usually all about original hardware every time but in this case I’ll be using scummVM.

    The reviews are amazingly positive anyway. Best adventure game ever from PC Zone, although they may have been influenced by the exclusive review a couple of months before everyone else.


    Thanks Pix!
    I managed to track a review down as well, from PC Format #44, May 1995. (My scanner is not quite big enough, so the part that actually says the magazine name has been cut off!)
    As a bonus, there was also an interview with Terry Pratchett himself in the same issue!


    Pelit-magazine, Finland:
    Score: 92
    ‘The puzzle side is very tricky and offers plenty of challenge. Sometimes the solutions are a bit far-fetched, but they can be forgiven when you take into account the world and characters of the game.

    The test-version was made for reviewers with a million ready saves, and no possibility to save yourself or change settings. There were even a few bugs, where the game crashed if you clicked the wrong spot on the screen. The most annoying bit was the speech being cut off after a few words. Hopefully the bugs will be fixed by the commercial version.’

    That last bit is quite interesting.

    Discworld 2: 82
    Discworld Noir: 88 (PS1: 84)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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