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  • firefyte

    I had this game since our first 486 PC, as it game on a EA-disc that was included in the SB16 & CD-ROM package.

    I never played it really. Ultima Underworld from that same CD saw more time.

    The initial issue was that I didn’t have enough conventional memory to play the game. I made a boot disc and everything, but I still didn’t have enough memory to play with audio.
    Looking at the wiki, says it ran in ‘unreal mode’:

    I remember that it had its own memory manager, which is why it was questionable. I don’t think it even ran using QEMM.

    Then I played it a bit, but I noticed that I was able to do anything and pick up so many useless objects, that, well, it overwhelmed me.

    Fast forward to about ~2000, exult came out (it is/was an exe-wrapper to avoid these horrible memory issues). I did download it, but didn’t play it. Still haven’t played it longer than ten minutes. Maybe this time?

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