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  • Dave
    #6324 a game I WAS going to suggest, until I found out the version I have from GOG is definitely not the DOS version. It’s apparently not even the original MSX version. And it’s certainly not to game I thought I had played when I was younger, which was Snakes Revenge, the sequel to the not too faithful NES port of Metal Gear.

    According to one article on the NES/C64/DOS ports:

    “As with the NES version, these ports of Metal Gear should only be played as a masochistic curiosity, rather than as a viable way to experience the first entry in the long running Metal Gear Saga. I can’t stress this enough: play the MSX2 version.”

    I’m sure there’d be plenty to fill an episode with, it just wouldn’t be as simple playing the GOG version as I had assumed.

    DOS version

    NES vs MSX version


    Awwww, yeah I think there are a few console games with DOS ports that are… less than great haha

    Mega-Man is probably one of the more famous examples of this. Too bad Metal Gear is apparently one too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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