My "Prince of Persia 2" Walkthrough

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  • dr_st

    The interesting discussions here about Prince of Persia and the sequel made me want to replay the second game, as I was a bit surprised by some of the negative reception.

    In the process, I’ve decided to finally record a video walkthrough of the game, and having started this, I went ahead and researched every aspect of the game I could find, including subtle version differences.

    You can read the write-up here, with embedded videos:

    Or just skip straight to the playlists:

    Main playthrough:

    Alternate routes, shortcuts, glitches:

    I hope the videos can convey the grace of the game and show the path-of-least-resistance approach to some of the trickier puzzles.

    P.S. I realize this is late, as the club has moved on to the next game, but I only now finished bringing the walkthrough to a state I’m happy with. 😉

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