My X-COM Experiences

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  • Simon Ashtear

    A fresh new game of X-COM is one of those games I can always turn to, to relax and unwind. Just the first few hours, though. Since you don’t need to worry about collateral damage, and terror missions and mind control don’t come until later, I sell all the starting gear and give everyone rocket launchers. Everyone’s accuracy is pretty poor in the beginning, and rockets don’t need to be accurate! Is a Sectoid hiding inside a barn? Manually override the entire barn wall!

    It’s such a stressful game, I only finished it once. It’s one of my favorite and most enjoyable games that I would not recommend to anyone, because of that stress.

    On the final mission, everyone else had been killed or mind-controlled but for one final soldier. He was mortally wounded, and only had a few turns left before bleeding out. He panicked and dropped his heavy plasma a few turns ago. He was being stalked, every turn by a mind controlled teammate. I accidentally found an elevator which took me to the alien computer. I had one grenade, primed it, and with 2 turns of life remaining, and a mind-controlled teammate on his heels that just entered the room, I blew it to pieces! I don’t think any other later play-through could top such a dramatic finish.

    Evil Taco

    Those kinds of stories are a testament to this game’s strengths.

    Maybe we need some sort of spoiler warnings. 😀

    My favourite story that I recall is an attempted raid at an alien base. I was getting my ass kicked, and I had to pull back and escape the mission.

    However, while escaping I noticed (with a mind probe) that the commander of the base had snuck in the way of escape. I was able to stun the commander while escaping, and carry the body out. This made it possible to interrogate the commander for the location of the Martian base.

    I sincerely hope I’m not making the story up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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