New Update 1.07

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  • DJ_HiP

    “This update isn’t just minor bug fixes and engine improvements though. Oh no! We’ve hidden new rooms, new items, and even a few new puzzles! We hope you enjoy exploring the world once more as you search for the new additions. We’d like to point out that the critical path is unchanged, though now there are alternative solutions to some of the progress gates, including the ability to complete the game without ever suffering any harm!

    Can you lead the Acolyte to the city on the horizon without getting them hurt??”

    Sounds like we’ll need to re-play it before the podcast!


    It’s interesting how the main path from the previous update still works, but won’t lead you to see any of the new content. I suppose the only way is to think of new solutions to the puzzles. Not getting hurt seems to be the big hint.


    Finally had a chance to get into the new patch.

    It really has filled out the lore and added new secret areas which are all equally amazingly done.

    It is interesting that none of it is ‘required’ to complete the game, but it fills in many of the missing pieces from the earlier game.

    For those who may have played 1.05 or earlier I highly recommend going back and trying to find the new areas.


    I just finished the game after taking advantage of the recent sale. I got only 123 points, and couldn’t figure out how to progress without suffering any harm at all (although I didn’t play much after finsihing the first time). It’s really neat to see a DOS game developed now, but the game has some guess-the-parser issues.


    The podcast prompted me into playing the new version at last. Managed the full 180 points after a lot of searching around – the new areas are quite well hidden to say the least but the hints in the podcast certainly helped.

    The new sections add so much to the lore, it’s a much better game than the original version. Certainly hope to see that physical release at some point, not to mention the sequels.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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