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  • Pix

    One DOS gaming podcast a month isn’t enough if you ask me. Are there any other current podcasts out there? I’ve listened to a few over the years but all of them haven’t posted in a long, long time.

    I know there is at least one as I just got recommended it – only the one episode so far about Rogue and I haven’t actually listened to it yet.



    I went looking for basically the same thing some time around 2016 and was equally surprised and disappointed at the lack of good offerings.
    The best podcast I could find at the time claimed to be a general “retro gaming” podcast, but almost every episode was about japanese games on the NES and SNES. I only listened to one episode where they attempted a DOS game (Ultima IV), and most of the hosts had not even heard of it before!
    Anyway, I’ve added “Like a DOS” to my podcast player. Let’s hope it’s good!


    There was an older show called The Upper Memory Block Podcast. He dosen’t produce new shows anymore, but his back catalog is still out there, it was pretty good.


    +1 for UMBcast, his @UMBshow Twitter is still active for the curious

    DOS Nostalgia also has a podcast, though the YouTube channel is a bit more active.

    Lazy Game Reviews on YouTube also has this DOS games playlist. Lately though he tends more toward old PC hardware.

    If I might add, my own rarely updated podcast often features DOS games in addition to poor quality audio and an overtired narrator: Let’s Play by Play.

    EDIT: Looks like AntennaPod can almost accept YouTube playlist feeds. It recognizes the posts but not as containing media :(. Appears there are some other converters that can adapt them, for the curious.


    Wait, are we the only active Podcast that focusses on DOS gaming? o_O


    Until this “Like A DOS” podcast started up in January, I think you may well have been. You ought to start calling yourself “The world’s #1 DOS gaming podcast” in the intro.


    That’s true that there’s no other active DOS-oriented podcast (except Like a DOS). There are few casts that sometimes talk about DOS games but not exclusively. Here’s my list:

    – Retronauts – Lots of console games but some games were also shipped on DOS.
    – Retro Spectives – Same as Retronauts.
    – Dev Game Club – They play DOS games from time to time.


    Am I allowed to plug my own podcast? Sometimes on the Adventure Game Club (yes I basically copied this club) we talk about DOS games. Tijn has been on a few episodes, Pix was on to talk about Realms of the Haunting, and both DGC hosts were on to talk about The Forgotten City, which is not a DOS game.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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