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  • Ninetongues

    Oh boy, this will be awesome! I’ve spent so many hours in Albion… To see (hear) this happen so soon is fantastic. I think my greatest question is: can this game be as enjoyable for someone going in blind TODAY as it was back in the day? The interface is very specific, and the low-res textures in 3D sequences can literally poke one’s eyes out. I guess we’ll see!

    Oh, and by the way: some time ago I managed to find a really good PDF scan of the original game instructions booklet. Here’s the link:

    About screenshot: Gonna spend SO much time here, in this very spot… Better get used to it. 😉



    I’ve seen the name of this game bandied about here and there, but I never actually knew anything about it. The graphics look friggin phenomenal! Kind of a mix between Bitmap Brothers, Ultima VI & VII, and maybe some JRPGs.

    I’m really looking forward to playing this, but also a little worried. It looks like a pretty serious commitment! As somebody who lives in Australia, where December is routinely the most hectic month of the year, I find it amusing that it was the month chosen to give people the MOST time to play it haha! 😀


    This has been on my “to play” list for a while, glad DGC is tackling it because it would be the perfect opportunity. But does anyone know how long is the game ?

    edit : howlongtobeat says around 32 hours, but is that thing even accurate for Dos games ?


    32 hours sounds quite legit for a first play through. Could be longer if the player wants to use all the exploits and take time with leveling.


    I’m thinking of playing this too, maybe doing a voice message, but damn, it’s not a short game. These deep RPGs are time-sappers, and Albion was a decent one. It was worth it back then, but now? Not sure.


    I’ve been aware of this game for a long time, but never really dove into it. Until now! Started a new game this evening and I’m totally hooked now. I just crash-landed on the planet and I can’t wait to continue, this is really nicely made.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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