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  • SpaceGameJunkie

    OMG do I have so many space games to recommend to you guys, but since you already did Starflight, and everyone worth their salt has played TIE Fighter (for which I’ll make a separate recommendation), I wanted to recommend something unique:

    The Rules of Engagement Series.

    Two of the finest, most detailed starship simulations ever created, these take place in the same universe as Omnitrend’s Universe series of games. Here you’re a starship commander, commanding not just your own ship but potentially others in a fleet, using an LCARS-style interface.

    Besides simply destroying other enemy vessels, the game had you capturing stations and boarding ships. Rules of Engagement 2 could also link with Breach 3 (Rules 1 linked with Breah 2 as well) for tactical combat during specific boarding scenarios.

    They also have some of the finest manuals in all of space gaming.

    These games are fascinating, and the only games to come close in terms of fictional starship fidelity are Klingon Academy and the I-War games. Nothing else even approaches the level of detail found in these amazing games.

    I hope you’ll consider them for inclusion on your show, and invite you to ask me anything about them. Thanks for your time and consideration.


    Gosh, that must be the busiest interface I’ve ever seen. Sign me up! (Also count me in for TIE Fighter!)

    Evil Taco

    Rules of Engagement 2 + Breach 3 combo has always sounded incredibly fascinating to me. I remember Breach 3 reviewing quite poorly on its own.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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