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  • Ninetongues


    Read only if:

    1) Sira already joined your party.
    2) You want to make your life (combat) easier from now on.

    There’s also 1 legal exploit* and 2 cheats** described at the end of this post. One of them mighty helpful if you’ll ever get stuck in the game somewhere.

    Let’s go!


    So after you’re done with the first chapter of the game, and get Sira in your party, you CAN go to the palace and agree to be shipped to the other continent at any time.


    Instead, spend more time in Nakiridaani, hunting local fauna and levelling Sira’s spells (spells get more powerful aqnd/or cheaper with each casting). I’d recommend at least learning and maxing out “Frost Avalanche”. It not only stuns all of the enemies at once, freezing them in place, but also deals solid damage to each and every one. Then you can spend next one or two turns just advancing your party and breaking the “ice statues” with your melee duo of Drirr and Tommy boy. Earn experience, max spells, spend training points, repeat.

    To do that:

    1) Make sure you’re rested and have enough magic seeds for Sira and about 10 food for each party member (can be held by one person though)

    2*) (AKA the exploit) Visit the friendly healer, talk to her at least once “about your adventures”. From then on, she’ll give you a powerful healing potion each time you say goodbye. I’d say it happens about 33% of times. So… Stay there, and spam hello/goodbye until you get enough. You can then sell them or stash them, keep enough for the whole game. But here we will use them during our hunting expeditions.

    3) Get out of the city, and go south or north. Just keep going and killing all the fauna you’ll find. They respawn at the same spots after some time.

    4) Collect Warniak spheres, Krondiir meat and Trii’s to sell at Wania’s shop.

    5) Spam “Frost Avalanche” for as long as you have mana. Each cast levels up the spell. Remember that after you spend all mana, you can still cast the spell for HP instead. And if you have a lot of those powerful healing potion gifts… Well, you know what to do.

    6) Exploring the continent sadly doesn’t yield much. There is a secret clearing in a huge jungle in the middle of the continent with a lot of Trifala… Tralala… Trafalgar… MAGIC seeds. And a mysterious eye symbol that you can’t do anything about yet. Examining carefully the crash site tiles, you can find some useful stuff though.

    7) After going a full circle, or when low on resources, return to the city, sleep, sell, spend training points at the trainer (Drirr & Tom should go for melee, Sira and Rainer for long range).

    REPEAT until:

    • Sira maxes out “Frost Avalanche”.
    • Drirr has the best armor and weapon you can get.

    Then you can either keep grinding or go on. There will be even better grinding opportunities on the next island.


    “ATM machine”:
    Inside Wania’s shop, look for a black (empty) tile beyond the left wall that you can “Manipulate”. It spawns a small amount of money for you. Repeat for as long as your conscience allows you to.

    “DEV space”
    Inside the Options menu type “schnosm” on the keyboard (without the ” ). This enables developer commands in the game. There are several commands you can use, but the only one I’ll spoil here is the most useful one.

    Alt+F7 – Teleports the party to the “Developer space”, with doors leading to different places in the game (shortcuts) and some treasure-chests containing many useful items, most importantly including all the Quest Items needed to finish the game. This will help you to keep going if you’re ever stuck somewhere in the game, and just want to get out of it and proceed with the story.


    Just finished the first quest. It is now indeed time to level up Sira, and try to grab all the best gear for Drirr.

    Usually I didn’t go all the way to max the Frost Avalanche, just having it is already quite good, can be used later.

    When in a pickle without it later on, you can always use the magical stiletto to freeze enemies.

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