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  • toasty

    Thought I’d post a few useful tips as the game has a few handy bits of functionality that aren’t obvious.

    # Demo
    There’s a demo you can watch! Check it out for an idea of what to expect.

    # Weapons
    From the demo you can see that the pistol is great against doctors and vampire bats, but the wand is more effective against witches. Pick your weapon carefully for each fight, and learn which weapons are effective against different monsters.

    # Quicksave
    Quicksave often! Use F4 to save to the last selected slot and F5 to reload. I recommend doing this frequently to avoid frustration.

    # Automap
    The game has an automap, along with enemy detection (also in the demo). See the eye and crystal ball down on the right of your HUD? The green bar is boosted by collecting the big eyes you’ll see everywhere, and allows you to toggle an automap on pressing F9. The red bar is increased by collecting the crystal balls, and when powered pressing F10 will toggle the locations of enemies (shown in red) in the map. The latter is very helpful when entering new areas. Use it!
    Eye and crystal ball
    Eye and crystal ball

    # Panels
    The eye underneath the crystal ball also helps you locate panels. This game is full of panels, i.e. secret areas behind scrolling walls/bookcases, which you can open by pressing the spacebar. When your pupil lights up, that means there’s a panel nearby!

    # Destructible walls
    Don’t confuse those panels with… the other kind of secret opening walls :/. In garden areas you won’t find scrolling walls, but you *will* find walls which disappear when you shoot them. AFAIK the eye pupil doesn’t work on these, but look for distinguishing features on hedges and walls, and you’ll soon figure it out which walls are destructible. Later in the game these destructible walls can be found *inside* the house as well.

    # Map coordinates
    You can see your map coordinates, just below the weapon image. Personally I’ve never really used this but I imagine it could be helpful for navigation.
    Map coordinates

    # Run, creep, strafe
    You can run (right shift), creep (left shift), and strafe (alt). Depending on your setup you might find it useful to remap some of these. None are absolutely required to complete the game but they can be useful.

    # Health
    Kinda stating the bleeding obvious here, but you can see your health in the bottom left. This guy, for example, could do with a potion or two.
    Ill health


    # Don’t give up!
    There are several very hard parts in this game, but there are also lots of delicious secret goodies! For example, check out this great big bonanza I found on one of the earlier levels 😀

    In later levels it’s quite common to find a pentagram (or several) behind a panel too. So when faced with an impossible horde of skeletons/witches/doctors/whatever and low on health, take a relaxing walk around parts of the level you’ve already conquered, and keep an eye on… your eye, for panels!

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